Thank you! Grazie!

Neil Watson  in is Lorenzo Ring by  Paolo Penko

Neil Watson in is Lorenzo Ring by Paolo Penko

With the one and only,  Emilio Colonna !

With the one and only, Emilio Colonna!

Thanks to all my friends that stopped by to visit!!   Matteo,  Andrea  and  Chiara !! 

Thanks to all my friends that stopped by to visit!! 

Matteo, Andrea and Chiara!! 

Here's a short video from our day!

Just a simple "thank you" seems too little for the amount of support you guys showed us yesterday... The Proper Kit was L'Arte Nascosta's first opportunity to go beyond "storytelling" to connect people with a common passion: high quality, handmade goods that mean something and that say something about you.

Thank you to PAOLO PENKO - Firenze and Emilio Colonna for agreeing to be a part of this when it was still just an idea. And thank you to A&H Magazine and Style Forum for making this event possible.

Instagrams worth your time from The Proper Kit: 

Big News

The Proper Kit. It's a pop-up shop that happens every year in NYC. A one-day trunk show and state-side Mecca for menswear connoisseurs. It's the fruit of a collaboration between Style Forum and A&H Magazine to host some of the most renowned brands and retailers in the industry, from Carmina Shoemaker, to Beckett and RobbThe Bespoke Dudes Eyewear to No Man Walks Alone.  This year, L'Arte Nascosta is proud to join ranks with some of the best to debut two artisans for their first trunk show in New York.  

Here's what you need to know:


P a o l o  P e n k o

Goldsmith - Florence

Paolo is a classically trained Florentine goldsmith that has dedicated his career to researching and perfecting Renaissance methods of jewelry-making.  Inspired by the art and history of the city that surrounds him, Paolo's handmade creations are rich in timeless symbolism and can be customized to best suit the customer's personal philosophy and values.


Read more about Paolo HERE, and HERE

You can view his website HERE


E m i l i o  C o l o n n a 

Leathersmith - Rome

Inspired by rugged American-made workwear, Emilio Colonna applies his skills as a leathersmith to produce a collection of watchstraps, wallets, belts and other leather accessories that evoke a similar spirit. His philosophy is simple: it's worth it to work with only the best raw materials. This is how Emilio ensures that each one of his products will last a lifetime . . . and get better with age. 


You can view his website HERE.


I created this blog to share stories about Italy's great artisanal talents.  It's the cornerstone of a larger dream, which is to explore the "artisanal experience" with you, the reader.  I'm excited to another step along this path, and it is a pleasure to do so with The Proper Kit. 


Come join us on

Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 10.30 - 19.00

at 28 west 36 street, b/w 5th & 6th ave

to RSVP: https://theproperkit.splashthat.com/

Labor Day


Carpenters, jewelers, plaster sculptors, mandolin-makers ...  I've spent a good part of 2016 traveling around Italy to meet all different artisans from a variety of specialities and walks of life. And while their individual crafts were as diverse as the artisans themselves were, they all did have one important thing in common: every one of them was driven by a passion for their work.


 "There are jobs where you take your shower before you go to work in the morning, and there are jobs where you take your shower when you come home at night, and the world needs both of us."  

(cit. Eric Hollenbeck, Master Carpenter - Blue Ox Mill and School; Eureka, CA USA)

name unknown - fisherman, Sorrento

Piero Dri - Forcolaio (Venetian Oarlock Sculptor), Venice

Ferrobattuto Bernabei - Blacksmith, Siena

Beatrice Palma - Plaster Sculptor, Rome

Learn More

Piero Dri (Venice), "Forcolaio" - http://www.ilforcolaiomatto.it/

Ferrobattuto Bernabei (Siena), Blacksmithhttp://www.ferrobattutobernabei.it/ferro-battuto-siena.asp

Tommaso Pedani (Florence), Luthierhttp://www.tommasopedani.com/en/home_en/

Mario Talarico (Naples), Umbrella Maker http://www.mariotalarico.it/index.php

Paolo Penko (Florence), Goldsmith - http://www.penkofirenze.it/