10 Artisans in 10 Parts


L'Arte Nascosta, Est. MMXV

will collaborate with

Artigianato e Palazzo

during the XXII edition of their Artisanal Fair

Florence, Italy

May 12-13, 2015

So, here's a little background:

Every May for the past 22 years, in the Florentine gardens of Palazzo Corsini, Princess Giorgiana Corsini and Studio Neri Torrigiani have worked together to create what has gained a reputation as one of Italy's most important artisanal events: Artigianato e Palazzo (A&P). 

Imagine the splendor of strolling around a perfectly maintained Renaissance garden while watching dozens of Italy's most talented artisans practicing their craft out in the open air, sharing their stories with enthusiastic passers-by. Artigianato e Palazzo is that and more! 

This year, L'Arte Nascosta will collaborate with A&P along with 9 other lifestyle, fashion and artisanship bloggers to shine a spotlight on 10 talented artisans under the age of 35.  

Our goal is to hear their stories, learn about their crafts and, most of all, share this experience with you! 

WARNING: Readers are encouraged to prepare for an abundance of blog posts, copious snapchat stories and ample Instagram updates during the event, but there is a lot to share with you, so I want to start early!

Every day, for the next 10 days, I will share a preview of one of the 10 artisans under 35 selected to participate in this initiative. By the time we're done, we will be just about ready to meet them in person!! 

Part I: Dino Capuano

Dino is a leather craftsman from Castel San Giorgio, Salerno - a comune in the Region of Campania.

His innate artistic sensibility prompted him to begin a career as leather craftsman. 

Since 2011, he has worked as the Fashion Designer of Insettoamaro, where he applies his talent to developing and creating new models of bags for men and women. 

If you've been following us from the beginning, you'll know that L'Arte Nascosta is no stranger to Campania!! Any opportunity to meet more artisans from there is always a pleasure!  

Part II: Elisa Cattani

Elisa is a ceramista (potter in English) from Sassuolo, Modena - a city in the Region of Emilia-Romagna.

She is the mind behind Anseo, an artistic ceramic workshop that specializes in sculptures and home accessories. Every product is unique and completely made by hand. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you, Elisa!! I'm especially excited to see you make these incredibly realistic fruit sculptures! 

Ph: Anseo

Ph: Anseo

Ph: Anseo

Part III: Piero Dri

Piero is a forcolaio from Venice, and the craftsman behind Il Forcolaio Matto.  This is such a specialized craft, I can't wait to see how he does it! 

A forcola is an oarlock particular to the Venetian rowing tradition, which traces its roots to the early 14th century.  While Piero was finishing his studies in Astronomy at the University of Padova, he felt a calling to return to Venice and dedicate his career to the rediscovery of his city's ancient craft of oar and oarlock-making for gondoliers. 

Piero sees rowing as a way of life: an alternative, healthy and low cost way to discover the Floating City. 

Part IV: InLabo Design

InLabo Design is an artisanal workshop based in Genova that unites tradition with technology. 

InLabo Design offers an unconventional alternative to traditional artisanal techniques by creating wooden bow ties.  They reinterpret a classic accessory in a modern way, making it contemporary and versatile! 

Part V: Arianna Leoni

Arianna is a ceramista (potter in English) from Luras, Olbia Tempio - a city on the island of Sardegna.

I still haven't had the pleasure of visiting Sardegna, but I think Arianna and her beautiful ceramic sculptures will bring me pretty close!  She specializes in crafting unique home accessories inspired by the natural and marine life native to her home island. 

Sardegna is famous around the world as a one of the most elegant travel destinations.  I'm game for anything that makes me feel that much closer!!! 

Part VI: Olivia Monteforte

Olivia Monteforte is a shoemaker from Pesaro in the Marche Region of Italy. 

For Olivia, it all began while walking to and from University.  After wearing through countless pairs of shoes, she decided to take it upon herself to make some that were strong enough to satisfy her needs.  She began apprenticing with a local artisan where she learned the properties of leather and the basics of shoemaking.  Following an additional apprenticeship with a Tuscan cobbler, Olivia opened her own workshop to make made to measure shoes entirely by hand. 

In her shop, Olivia dedicates her attention to the design and comfort of the shoes that she creates.  Every pair of shoes is the result of a consultation between herself and the client, and guaranteed to be unique.  

Part VII: Lora Nikolova

Lora is a costume jewelry designer.  She was born in Bulgaria, and is now based in Milan. 

She trained formally in Cinema and Television set design at the Fine Arts Academy of Sofia, and later at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera.  Her extensive work experience has always kept her busy in a creative context: set design, styling, fashion, painting, etc. 

Lora will participate in Artigianato e Palazzo Blogs and Crafts representing her homonymous costume jewelry line,  Lora Nikolova Bijoux & Art.  Each piece in her line is a unique work of art that represents an abstract and fun interpretation of design!


Part VIII: Tommaso Pedani

Tommaso Pedani is a luthier from Florence, Italy - the birthplace of the Renaissance. 

Tommaso's passion for music has been a common theme throughout his entire life.  He started playing the piano when he was 6 years old, and since then has studied at least 3 additional instruments, not to mention music production and composition. 

After only 2 years of studying the art of violin, viola, and cello production in Parma, Tommaso opened his own workshop in Florence in 2015 and has been making instruments non-stop! 


Part IX: Aurora Pettinari-York 

Aurora Pettinari-York is a London-based artisan that specializes in intricate needlework and embroidery.

I am particularly excited to meet Aurora.  When I did some research about her on the web, I was able to find just enough information to understand how talented she is!  Artigianato e Palazzo #BlogsandCrafts will be a perfect opportunity to see her in action! 

Part X: Luca Turelli

Luca Turelli is a Pisa-based artist, artisan and designer that specializes in glass art design. 

In his homonymous studio, Turelli Studio, Luca collaborates with private clients, architects, designers and interior designers to create mixed-medium works of art that are adapted specifically to the customer's request.  

Over the years, Luca's studio has experimented with traditional painting and glass-working techniques to eventually develop a series of methods that integrate painting, sculpture and etching.  The result is works of art that play with light to create "dynamic environments rich with emotion."