Contemplations about Form


In Milan, elegance permeates the air. Renaissance, Gothic, Art Deco, Contemporary; it all converges here to captivate the most talented creatives in fashion and design.  When I had the opportunity to visit during Design Week to meet Christian and Vivianne of CasaLaboratorio, I jumped to book my tickets. 

Christian is a Milano native, and a carpenter by trade.  Vivianne was born in Brazil and trained extensively as a garden designer.  The internet put them in touch, but it was this duo's common passion for nature that brought them together to create a studio that balances a tight rope between art and design. They call it CasaLaboratorio.

They work with simple materials and even simpler tools to create what Christian describes as "arredamento scultoreo," or sculptural furniture.  By composing rough pieces of wood into minimalistic shapes, he is able to capture the essence of nature's harmony: its delicacy, its curves and twists, its sturdiness.  Each piece is a sculpture that echoes the forms of nature's poetry.

With CasaLaboratorio, the priorities are clear: first nature, then function: 

The sculptures, "are born as living elements for companionship and for the pleasure of being watched and lived."

Pushing the barriers of convention, the essence of beauty is what's important here, even before utility.  


"Complimenti!!" to Sbodio32 - Fuorisalone for an amazing event!