Artigianato e Palazzo, Edition XXII - Day 1

Finally, Artigianto e Palazzo is upon us! 

I had a great first day yesterday meeting the 10 young artisans that were selected (out of 300 candidates!!!.... woah!!!) to participate in #BlogsandCrafts.  They are all specialized in different crafts, but each one of them shares a common enthusiasm for innovating tradition.

Some of them have degrees in philosophy, others in astronomy.  Despite the years they spent studying in university, they chose to dedicate their professional careers to their passion for creating something from nothing

Despite the uncertainty that invariably accompanies virgin territory, they trust in their artistic instinct, and they are confident that the "road less traveled" will bring satisfaction and fulfillment. 

I am excited to have had the opportunity to meet so many people that have chosen alternative career paths.  They certainly have inspired me to be courageous in my pursuits; I hope they inspire the same in you! 

Thank you, Artigianato e Palazzo for this opportunity! 

Below is a small selection of pictures from Day 1 - stay tuned for individual stories about each of the artisans that I wrote about HERE


At the opening ceremony of the XXII Edition of Artigianato e Palazzo. 

L-R: Deputy Mayor of Florence Cristina Giachi; Princess Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani (Co-Creators of Artigianato e Palazzo)


Dino Capuano of Insettoamaro

Arianna Leoni of Leoni Arte

Luca Turelli of Turelli Studio

Ferro Battuto Bernabei (not #BlogsandCrafts)

Laguna B (not #BlogsandCrafts)