Penko's "Penkini"

An outfit without Penkini is like a shirt without a tie, or a tie without a blazer, or a blazer without a pocket square.

I'm very particular when it comes to jewelry.  I prefer to wear things with personal significance: small things that evoke memories or that draw my mind to something greater, something that I aspire to be.  

Paolo Penko's "Penkini" (right) do just that.  I picked these up when living in Florence a few years ago and haven't taken them off my wrist since. Each charm's symbol is inspired by Florentine history and represents timeless values to live by: 

(from left to right)

Fiorino - (Florin) A reproduction of Florence's first currency.  The adage goes, "one florin today, for 1000 florins tomorrow." (Fingers crossed!) 

L'Ape Regina - (Queen Bee) Symbol of industriousness, constancy, diligence, precision and artistic sensibility.

Il Leon d'Oro - Inspired by the weathervane that tops Florence's Palazzo Vecchio, the "Golden Lion" is a symbol of knowlege, wisdom and direction... to know the best road to travel. 

Festinalente -  A turtle with a sail, a sign that means to quicken pace, but slowly, to work ponderously with care and foresite. It is a symbol of wisdom, balance, prudence and shrewdness.