Onward to MMXVI!!

Here we are, at the end of 2015 and on the verge of a new year, sure to bring even more dreams, accomplishments and stories to tell!

By now it's an annual ritual for me to spend the last afternoon of the year simply thinking... ideally with a negroni in hand, but usually with just an espresso.  Banal as it may sound, I've really come to value this time when I turn the world off and collect my thoughts about the past year and, if all goes well, organize them into a plan for the year that approaches.  

In the course of this capricious tour of my mind there are invariably words and ideas that, just like red pins on a map, point to highlights and landmarks that distinguish the last 365 days.  2015 has many red pins - too many to count, in fact.  But there is one pin in particular that I am most proud of - it hovers somewhere between Italy and America and represents the culmination of years of brainstorming and research.  It bears the name "L'Arte Nascosta, Est. MMXV"!  

Here are some highlights from 2015.  It was a year of travels, friendship and beautiful inspiration.

I can't wait to share what 2016 has in store! 

Happy New Year! Buon Anno! AD MAIORA! 

I traveled to Italy twice...

Visited artisans in Capri with my Dad! 

Scouted some amazing locations for our first event ever! 

I partook in a traditional Florentine procession on the feast day of Florence's patron saint! 

All those things led up to this moment: L'Arte Nascosta's inaugural event - when we collaborated with the Mayor of Naples to honor 10 Neapolitan artisans for their mastery o artisanal crafts.