L'Arte Nascosta

- The Hidden Art -

The Art of Appreciation

I've loved artisanship ever since I can remember - ceramics, leather goods, jewelry, clothing.  More than the product itself, I’m passionate about the hands behind it.

It excites me to learn the stories and pearls of wisdom that craftsmen invariably have to share. Artisans operate in a different sphere than the rest of us.  In their world, passion and creativity replace meetings and monthly reports. Their work day is driven by the tradition of their craft and their talent for innovation.

For a long time I thought i was alone in my appreciation of the artisan; then I met Gianluca Migliarotti, who opened a world to me through his work. 

An artist in his own right, Gianluca applied his experience as a film maker to one of his greatest passions: Neapolitan tailoring. The result is a documentary entitled o' Mast, an immediate success among lovers of beauty, elegance, Italy, and Naples. 

I've embedded the trailer below... it speaks for itself.  

The best part? This is only one of many visually stunning and inspiring documentaries that Gianluca is famous for.  

I'm really excited to share more of his work with you. Keep an eye on FACEBOOK, where I will be posting 1 video a day for the next 5 days. It's the cheapest 5 minute trip you will ever have to the most beautiful corners of "il bel paese," a.k.a. Italia!!  

If you love this as much as I did, you can purchase the full-length documentary on iTunes HERE.