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My name is Salvatore. I grew up between Rome and New York City, and this is my blog, L'Arte Nascosta, or "the hidden art."

L'Arte Nascosta is a dream. Like most dreams, it is larger than life and difficult to capture. Words are not enough... To attempt to describe it is to attempt to summarize centuries of history and traditions, invasions and conquests, discoveries and innovations, great places and the even greater minds that have occupied them. Images help; but still, not even they manage to completely transmit the beautiful and enchanting world I'd like to share. 

Maybe L'Arte Nascosta can be better described as an adventure - a journey of discovery about the rich, yet hidden world of Italian artisanship. To understand the history is to genuinely understand the culture. To genuinely understand the culture is to truly appreciate the lifestyle. To truly appreciate the lifestyle is to leave yourself open to being inspired.

An what's our inspiration? To discover the Italian dream, one artisan at a time, and live that dream together.