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L'Arte Nascosta is an editorial photography and e-commerce platform that offers a highly curated selection of Italian artisans and artisanal products Made in Italy specialized in making personal accessories and home decor items. 

Labor Day


Carpenters, jewelers, plaster sculptors, mandolin-makers ...  I've spent a good part of 2016 traveling around Italy to meet all different artisans from a variety of specialities and walks of life. And while their individual crafts were as diverse as the artisans themselves were, they all did have one important thing in common: every one of them was driven by a passion for their work.


 "There are jobs where you take your shower before you go to work in the morning, and there are jobs where you take your shower when you come home at night, and the world needs both of us."  

(cit. Eric Hollenbeck, Master Carpenter - Blue Ox Mill and School; Eureka, CA USA)

name unknown - fisherman, Sorrento

Piero Dri - Forcolaio (Venetian Oarlock Sculptor), Venice

Ferrobattuto Bernabei - Blacksmith, Siena

Beatrice Palma - Plaster Sculptor, Rome

Learn More

Piero Dri (Venice), "Forcolaio" - http://www.ilforcolaiomatto.it/

Ferrobattuto Bernabei (Siena), Blacksmithhttp://www.ferrobattutobernabei.it/ferro-battuto-siena.asp

Tommaso Pedani (Florence), Luthierhttp://www.tommasopedani.com/en/home_en/

Mario Talarico (Naples), Umbrella Maker http://www.mariotalarico.it/index.php

Paolo Penko (Florence), Goldsmith - http://www.penkofirenze.it/